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Rick Houcek

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How To Create A Robust Strategic Plan For Your Company That Gets Brilliantly Implemented

What would it be worth to you to have these 5 Driving Forces firing on all cylinders 24-7, throttling your company’s success day in and day out, even when you’re on vacation?

1.   The full buy-in of your Leadership Team toward a mutually agreed, long-term, inspirational vision?

2.   Their committed passion to execute a laser-focused strategic action plan.

3.   Crystal clear, time-bound, well-communicated, motivating goals.

4.   Specific deadlines for completion of critical action steps, with responsible, high-performance people who reliably get it done.

5.   A bullet-proof system of accountability – including team-created and team-enforced consequences for non-performance – that ensures plan implementation.

Most Leadership Teams have none. Or, at most, 1 or 2. Most plans sputter, fizzle, and die.  If you’d like all 5… all the time… for your company, come learn how. Sign up for this workshop with strategic planning pro Rick Houcek when you register.

Rick Houcek

President, Soar With Eagles Enterprises

Rick Houcek is the president of Soar With Eagles Enterprises, a company with a singular purpose:  To provide high-octane, world-class strategic planning systems for business and life — helping ambitious leaders, teams and individuals achieve extraordinary results. He is creator of the Power Planning™ Strategy system that helps aggressive leadership teams of growth-oriented organizations drive peak performance, and has led more than 300 high-stakes client planning retreats himself. He also developed and teaches his proprietary Passion Planning™ personal life goal system to ambitious achievers. He has delivered more than 600 high-energy keynotes speeches and presentations to audiences worldwide on leadership excellence, goal setting, high performance, and winner behavior themes. For 10 years with Vistage International, Rick was chairman of CEO advisory boards for mid-market companies, and has coached more than 300 CEOs in over 85 industries. He was president of Group 243 Advertising, and served more than 500 advertising clients over an 18-year marketing career. And he is author of 22 books, e-books, and audio books on self-motivation, team excellence, and peak performance topics.