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Jerry Bowyer

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Presidential Leadership and National Prosperity

Financial commentators have often claimed that presidential leadership has little to do with economic performance. They say that business cycles are a matter of pre-determined economic fate, against which leaders are powerless. But the historical record suggests otherwise: the right leader with the right principles can be a powerful force for good in the economy.

Jerry Bowyer

Economist and Writer

Jerry Bowyer is a leading thinker in finance and economics. He is the Chief Economist of Vident Financial, President of Bowyer Research and Editor of Jerry is a columnist and has been a frequent commentator on Fox Business News, Fox News, and CNBC. He has been a contributing editor of National Review Online, The New York Sun and Townhall Magazine, and has written for numerous other publications.

Jerry is a frequent speaker and guest-lecturer, having lectured at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School, University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and Industrial Administration, Duquesne University’s School of Law, as well as other educational institutions. He is the founder of the influential Allegheny Institute for Public Policy. He has advised state and local government authorities extensively in privatization, economic development and deregulation and was consulted frequently by the Council of Economic Advisors during the Bush administration.

He is an ordained Deacon and a Eucharistic minister and a frequent guest preacher in various churches in his home town of Pittsburgh. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Susan, and the youngest five of their seven children.