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Antonio Castillo

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Change Management - Resetting Ourselves for the Future

So what is Change Management? Simply, it’s the ability to gain acceptance and adoption from individuals, teams and organizations affected by change.

To be competitive in a global market, the workplace remains in a constant state of flux, scrambling to effectively meet the ever-changing demands of the customer while trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. To be successful, organizations must rely on their people, however, with continual change comes uncertainty and doubt from the same people on whom we must rely.

Change Management - Resetting Ourselves for the Future will explore strategies to effectively build a foundation of trust, understanding and acceptance that allows individuals, teams and organizations to achieve a successful outcome.

Antonio Castillo

Training and Development Manager, Fellowes Brands

Antonio Castillo is a senior executive and thought leader with 30 years of experience in corporate learning. Currently on staff with Fellowes Brands as the Training and Development Manager, Antonio supports development leaders both domestically and internationally in the strategy, design and implementation of development training initiatives.  Antonio draws upon the knowledge, experience, and perspective he has gained from "real-world" successes and failures as a leader, manager, entrepreneur, and consultant. Antonio has held positions in sales (international & domestic), marketing, product development, and talent management.

Antonio earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Psychology/OD and Theater from Northwestern University. He has extensive experience in Emotional Management, Behavioral Change, Voice Dialogue, Change Management and Advanced Facilitation. In addition, Antonio has been trained and certified in various disciplines including InsideOut Coaching and MBTI.

Additional Bites:

Under the name of Tony Castillo, Antonio is a professional actor. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA & AEA. He is currently an elected Board Member of the Chicago SAG-AFTRA local, and sits on the National EEO Board of SAG-AFTRA.

On May 4, 2015, Antonio was appointed to the position of Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the Village of Lake Zurich, IL. Previously, he served eight year as a Planning Commissioner also in Lake Zurich.

In 2015, Antonio partnered with the UNO (Unified Neighborhood Organization) to design, direct, and facilitate the Corporate Leadership Institute (CLI) program for business professionals.

Additional Competencies: Keynote Speaker, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Organizational Design, Internal Consulting, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Succession Planning, Training Program Design and Facilitation, 360 Degree, Voice Dialogue Coaching, Acting Coaching.

Follow Antonio on Twitter at: @vigilantraining